This page will help you navigate to the Zoning Regulations that apply to specific areas within city limits.  Please see the zoning map in order to verify your lot's zone designation, then you can visit the zoning regulations page.  This will open the Three Forks codified ordinances.  Section 11 covers all zoning.

The Zoning & Planning Board meets monthly if applications are received by the deadline.  This Board holds one of the required public hearings for zoning applications, and then provides a recommendation for approval, conditional approval, or denial of the application to the City Council.

Board meetings are held at City Hall at 7:00 P.M. as needed on the third Thursday of the month.

Much of the city is located within the 1% chance of flooding mapped by FEMA.  To learn more, please visit our Three Forks Floodplain website here.


Recommending and Decision-making boards help the City administer these regulations.  Some applications must be heard before the recommending Zoning & Planning Board, while other applications for variance requests to the regulations are heard before the Board of Adjustments.  See our page titled "Boards & Committees" for more information on each of these specific boards, or use the links below.



Zoning Official
(406) 285-3431