The Public Works Team is made up by the Streets & Alleys department, Water and Wastewater.  The guys are out and about all hours of the day, and you will even see them checking the water and wastewater systems over the weekends.

The best time to reach the shop is on weekday mornings at 406-285-3408.

If you have an emergency to notify the Public Works department about, please call City Hall at 406-285-3431 during business hours, or 406-539-6905 after hours and weekends.




We do offer payments to your water/sewer account online.  Just click the link to the right and enter your credit card information in.  Be sure to include the name on the account and your account #.


(406) 285-3408 - Shop

(406) 539-6905 - Emergencies after hours & weekends

306 Railway Avenue
PO Box 187
Three Forks, MT 59752

From Left to Right: Steve Johnston, Randy Johnston, Wendell Ewan

From Left to Right: Steve Johnston, Randy Johnston, Wendell Ewan


Steve Johnston
Wastewater Superintendent

Randy Johnston
Water Superintendent

Wendell Ewan
Street & Alleys Superintendent

Snow Removal Policy

The City of Three Forks is pleased to announce will begin snow plowing of an “emergency services and high traffic route”.

Snow plowing operations will commence when the accumulation of snow on streets reaches three (3) inches, or as weather conditions warrant.  All City streets will be plowed according to a master plan which assigns first priority to essential safety and community services.  Our goal is to plow all residential streets in Three Forks as quickly as our small, but dedicated staff will allow.

Below is the map highlighting priority routes (in red) and shared responsibilities with the Montana Department of Transportation (in blue).

All other City streets will be plowed after the priority access streets.

While we are excited to be able to provide this service, we need your help to make this happen. Please:

·         move vehicles off of the street when there is three inches or more.  Vehicles left of the street may end up getting plowed in.

·         try to pile snow on lawns, boulevards, or in the parking area as much as possible.  It does not make sense for the City to plow streets if snow gets pushed to the traffic area.  This is in violation of Ordinance 8-4-1 Obstructing Streets.

Please be aware that because this is a new service, it is subject to change as we get the system figured out.

Be aware that even plowed streets can be slick so please drive slowly and heed the 15mph speed limit.

Thank you in advance for your help in making our streets safer and more passable for everyone!  Have a great winter!

If there are any questions concerning this, please contact City Hall at 406-285-3431.

snow route.png