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ordinance to become law 11/9/2019

ordinances which become law 10/10/19

adopted budget for fy2019/2020

are you registered to vote?

your Vote Matters!

The City of Three Forks adopted Resolution #303-2019 in June 2019 stating the City would conduct the 2019 General Election via mail ballot in accordance with Section 13-19-201, MCA.

You can verify your voter status by clicking the “MY VOTER PAGE” link here.

If you are not registered to vote please visit the Gallatin County Election Administrator webpage here to learn more, or visit them at 311 W. Main Street, Room 210, Bozeman, MT 59715. Or call at 582-3060.

new extended hours

at the library

Did you know the Three Forks Community Library is open later to serve you?

Beginning in August the Library will remain open to 8:00PM on Wednesday nights.  That is an additional 3 hours each week!

Hours are:

Monday 10am-5pm

Tuesday 1-8pm

Wednesday 10am-8pm

Thursday/Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 12-4pm

Did you know you may be in the 1% chance of flooding based on FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Map? Check out our floodplain website to learn more about the regulations on flood-proofing, and how you can best prepare in the event of a flood.

Go to LINKS at top of this page, then click on FLOODPLAIN.

You may live in a 100-year floodplain hazard area. Learn more on our Floodplain page.

(Image of FEMA’s floodplain logo)

(Image of FEMA’s floodplain logo)

fall cleanup scheduled

(Image of woman pulling weeds)

(Image of woman pulling weeds)

Republic Services will have dumpsters near the rodeo grounds on Saturday, October 19th, 2019, from 8:00 a.m. until the 6 Bins are full, or 2:00 p.m., whichever is first.

Residents may bring grass, leaves, tree limbs (cut to 4-foot lengths or less), etc.  (Please do not bring tires, appliances, or furniture.)


Can’t wait for next year’s race?

Well, starting January 1st you can pre-register here:

Arsenic Treatment Plant Repairs approved by deq!

Good news! The Arsenic Treatment Plant's improvements have been approved by DEQ!

The original arsenic treatment system for Well #2 was installed in Three Forks in 2006 in response to EPA regulations lowering the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) from 0.05 mg/L (50 ppb) to 0.01 mg/L (10 ppb). Many towns and cities implemented treatment systems to their water plants at that time and the years following. The Three Forks treatment system removes arsenic by co-filtering along with iron through a pressurized media filter system. As water from Well #2 enters the building, it is first chlorinated using sodium hypochlorite. Then ferric chloride is injected into the chlorinated water where iron and arsenic are oxidized and flocculated together in contact tanks. Finally, water passes through filter media to remove the iron and arsenic. In early 2019, it was discovered that arsenic was breaking through the media and it was shut down due to MCL exceedance for arsenic.

In response, the City put together a team to replace filtration media, a flow meter, turbidity analyzer, chemical feed pumps, and controls. Part of the project was submitting for DEQ approval to upgrade the chemical feed pump equipment. Over the course of the project, the City staff were also able to optimize the plant and capture knowledge that will be used in operations and maintenance going forward. In particular, optimizing the air addition during media backwash is expected to give it longer life. The refurbishments, upgrades, and optimization were recently completed and results of arsenic laboratory analysis now show levels well below the MCL.

The arsenic treatment plant uses a reliable filtration technology and is expected to serve the City for at least another decade until new filtration media or minor equipment upgrades can be revisited to ensure peak performance. Regular sampling of Well #2 water for arsenic is required quarterly and will be reported to DEQ for MCL compliance.

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