Welcome to Three Forks!

City Hall: (406) 285-3431

This page lists some important information about our charges for water, sewer, dog licenses, and zoning permits.  Now that you have moved in we hope this page helps you find everything you need to answer your questions, but if not please contact us at City Hall and we are happy to help. 


Signing Up for Water / Sewer



Water usage is determined by a water meter that we read monthly. We normally read these meters sometime around the 20th of the month. The water meters measure in cubic feet. The charge for the first 100 cubic feet (approximately 750 gallons) for most residential use is $29.50 (the minimum charge).  Each additional 100 cubic feet (c.f.) is $1.55.



Sewer rates for new customers will be based on household size as listed in the table below.  Following your first winter here, we will take your water usage during the months of December through March, since these are non-irrigation months and most usage occurs inside the home.  These 4 months are averaged and used to compute sewer rates.  The new rate is then applied on July 1st of each year (this is done annually for all customers).  The charge for the first 400 cubic feet of usages is $54.25, which is the minimum charge.  Then the charge is $6.97 for each additional 100 cubic feet.


Household Size Monthly Sewer Charge:

# in Household






6 & up

           Rate                                        Avg. Cubic Feet







400 c.f.

600 c.f.

768 c.f.

905 c.f.

1088 c.f.

1364 c.f.


The water/sewer bills are mailed (or emailed) the last business day of the month. Payment is due by the 20th of the following month. If payment is not made by that date, you will receive a Late Notice and will be assessed a service charge of $10.00  plus a 1.5% interest charge on the balance of your account (Ordinance 9-1-1 and 9-1-2). Additionally, if you are renting, a copy of such notice will be mailed to your landlord. 

Payment can be made:

  • by mail,

  • in person at the City Office (normal business hours are 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:00, Monday-Friday),

  • on our website homepage (site charges 3.5%),

  • in the drop slot at the left of our front door,

  • and we offer automated banking (no additional fee).

We offer automated banking for payment of your water/sewer bill. This is a free service offered by the banking industry. If you desire this, please complete the authorization form (City Forms/ACH Sign-up) and return it to us.  We also offer email billing (use same form mentioned previously).

Please be advised that property owners are responsible for all water and sewer pipes, fittings, and connections on their property and extending from the property to City’s mains. This includes the water meter, which you must safeguard from freezing or other damage at all times.


City Ordinance Adherence, Zoning & Floodplain Info

Our website has information concerning the City, including all CITY ORDINANCES, to be aware of.



  • Dog licenses are required for all dogs. Licenses are issued for each calendar year. Please bring proof of rabies vaccination along with payment: $15.00/dog

  • Businesses with transactions occurring in Three Forks require a City Business License. Additional requirements must be met for home occupations, those working from the home, such as a conditional use permit.

  • Three Forks has a zoning code in which each zone allows, conditionally allows, or prohibits certain uses. Zoning Permits Are Required prior to any building or structure being: erected – moved in – or added to. This includes all types of buildings or additions to buildings including storage sheds, carports, decks, porches, or any type of structure.

  • Zoning Permits are required prior to all construction or additions to ensure adherence to zoning designation setbacks. Please contact the City Office before doing any construction in or around your home.

  • Three Forks has an overlaying floodplain through many properties in city limits which require additional building requirements for projects within the floodplain. Please see our floodplain page for more information or call City Hall. Floodplain permits are required prior to any construction.



Law Enforcement

Emergencies: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: (406) 582-2100

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Department, Three Forks Branch, located in the Jefferson Building (south side) at 115 A Main Street.



Garbage Hauling

You may sign up with a garbage carrier or haul your own refuse to the landfill. If you choose to haul your own refuse, metal or plastic containers (not exceeding the largest provided by our carrier) must be used. They must have a suitable fitted lid and be emptied with such regularity as to prevent flies and other pests.  Please see Ordinance 5-4-5 for more information.