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ordinances to become law 10/10/19

The Three Forks City Council will hold public hearings on September 24, 2019, and October 8, 2019, to hear readings on the following ordinances:

  • Public Hearing and Decision on a First Reading of an Ordinance Amending Title 9 Chapters 2 & 4

A copy of the draft ordinances can be obtained at City Hall, or viewed below.  Both hearings will be held at City Hall, 206 Main Street, Three Forks, Montana at 7:00PM.  Please contact the City Office at (406) 285-3431 for any questions.  Written and verbal public comment will be accepted at the hearings, or may be submitted via email to or

adopted budget for fy2019/2020

are you registered to vote?

your Vote Matters!

The City of Three Forks adopted Resolution #303-2019 in June 2019 stating the City would conduct the 2019 General Election via mail ballot in accordance with Section 13-19-201, MCA.

You can verify your voter status by clicking the “MY VOTER PAGE” link here.

If you are not registered to vote please visit the Gallatin County Election Administrator webpage here to learn more, or visit them at 311 W. Main Street, Room 210, Bozeman, MT 59715. Or call at 582-3060.

new extended hours

at the library

Did you know the Three Forks Community Library is open later to serve you?

Beginning in August the Library will remain open to 8:00PM on Wednesday nights.  That is an additional 3 hours each week!

Hours are:

Monday 10am-5pm

Tuesday 1-8pm

Wednesday 10am-8pm

Thursday/Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 12-4pm

Did you know you may be in the 1% chance of flooding based on FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Map? Check out our floodplain website to learn more about the regulations on flood-proofing, and how you can best prepare in the event of a flood.

Go to LINKS at top of this page, then click on FLOODPLAIN.

You may live in a 100-year floodplain hazard area. Learn more on our Floodplain page.

(Image of FEMA’s floodplain logo)

(Image of FEMA’s floodplain logo)


Can’t wait for next year’s race?

Well, starting January 1st you can pre-register here:


The City of Three Forks is actively seeking volunteers to serve on:

Three Forks Library Board of Trustees.  One vacancy exists on this board due to the resignation of an existing board member.  This appointment would be for the remainder of the term and would expire on June 30, 2022.

Three Forks Ambulance Service District.  One vacancy, representing the City but jointly appointed by the County Commissioners and the City Council, exists on this board due to the expiration of a term.  This is a three-year term which would expire September 1, 2022.

If you are interested in serving on any of these boards, please complete the board application available below and return it to City Hall.

Arsenic Treatment Plant Repair

What Happened?

The City of Three Forks’ water system violated the arsenic drinking water standards back in February 2019.  There was never a “boil” order, although we did encourage anyone concerned to bring our water quality report into your own doctor to discuss your health goals.  The City was aware of naturally-occurring arsenic within Well #2 – in fact we have an Arsenic Treatment Plant which removed much of the arsenic before it was ever distributed into the City’s mains.

As soon as the City learned of the elevated levels of arsenic, Well #2 was shut down and removed from service.  We still had water pumped from Well #2 inside our service lines and in the holding tank.  The City increased production of Wells #5, 9 & 10 which do not have naturally-occurring arsenic within them.  These wells are not as productive as Well #2 so were forced to work a little harder.  The City received complaints of discolored water and a stronger taste of chlorine.  This is the water you are still drinking today.  After investigation our team of water quality experts and Public Works operators have determined the break through was due to a combination of mechanical problems and adjusted chemical inaccuracies.

What Are We Going To Do About It?

The team feels that correction begins by replacing the flow meter to verify accurate flow rate readings.  This will be followed by upgrading the iron and chlorine feed systems.  These chemical feeds are essential for the reactions to take place.  Proper dosing and mixing are important.

New Equipment

The turbidity monitor and control was not functioning property and is no long supported for repairs, so a new unit will replace the old one.  New filtration media will also be replaced.  Public Works operators will adjust all operations until they are working as designed.  We will be testing and troubleshooting throughout this process.  The City will also acquire on-site testing equipment so that tests will occur prior to water from Well #2 coming into our drinking water system.

With the new equipment and controls this will require additional training of our staff.  After the treatment plant is functioning and reducing the arsenic to acceptable levels the team will provide another progress report.  We anticipate providing you with more information around mid-May.


Meet our new mayor!

Let us introduce Sean Gifford, a resident of Three Forks for almost one decade. Sean has served our country in the U.S. Army and the National Guard, and served our community as a former Three Forks Police Office, Gallatin County Sheriff Deputy and Manhattan Police Officer. He is the owner of V-42 Fitness across the street from City Hall.

Read more about Mayor Gifford by the Belgrade News here

City Calendar


Contact Information

City Hall


(406) 285-3431

Kelly Smith
City Treasurer

Crystal Turner
City Clerk


206 Main Street
PO Box 187
Three Forks, MT 59752


M-F 8a-12p, 1p-5p

(406) 285-3747

Melissa Christoffersen


607 Main Street
PO Box 187
Three Forks, MT 59752


M,W-F 10a-5p
T 12p-8p
Sat 12p-4p


(406) 285-4152
Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies

Keith Aune
Fire Chief

John Whitesitt
Assisstant Chief


13 E. Date Street
PO Box 444
Three Forks, MT 59752


(406) 285-3408

(406) 539-6905 (after hours & emergencies)

Wendell Ewan
Street & Alleys Superintendent

Randy Johnston
Water Superintendent

Steve Johnston
Wastewater Superintendent


306 Railway Avenue
PO Box 187
Three Forks, MT 59752