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Lower ISO rating for fire insurance!

The City of Three Forks is pleased to announce that it has received a lower Insurance Services Office (ISO) Rating for fire insurance.

The purpose of ISO’s audit is to determine the level of protection of property/casualty insurance risk.  The ultimate score of the audit is called the Public Protection Classification Grade, which some insurance companies use to determine rates.  There are 10 grades – the lower the number, the lower the risk.  The City of Three Forks performed so well on the last ISO audit that it was able to reduce its grade from a #6 to a #5!

The Three Forks Volunteer Fire Department earned high ratings on emergency reporting, telecommunications and dispatch services; the fire truck’s pumping capacity, hose testing records and well maintained equipment.

Even with a limited number of volunteer firefighters the Fire Department earned a high score on effective deployment of personnel to emergencies.  Operating procedures and incident management were also highly rated for the Department.

The City Water Department ranked high on the adequacy of our water supply, number of hydrants throughout the City, and inspection and records of those hydrants.

The City is also assessed in “Community Risk Reduction” which entails the level of detail in our documented standard operational procedures, public education, and fire prevention programs, to highlight a few.

The positive result of this news may be a reduction on your homeowner’s  and commercial insurance effective June 1, 2017.  Reductions may vary depending on insurance companies, so you are encouraged to contact your insurance provider to determine individual rate reduction.  Some homeowners will see a decrease in premiums of 8%!

If there are any questions concerning this, please contact City Hall at 406-285-3431.


The City of three forks is currently seeking volunteers to serve on the following boards:

  • Board of Adjustments/Appeals/Variances

  • Fairview Cemetery Board

  • Pogreba Field Joint Airport Affected Area Board

  • Three Rivers Mosquito Control District

To learn more about the Board of Adjustments, please visit our "Boards & Committees" page.  Please call 285-3431 if you have questions about this board.  Applications must be sent to City Hall no later than April 20, 2017.

To learn more about the other boards, please visit the Gallatin County Board page here.  


Community Notification System

Gallatin County has implemented a mass notification system for our community to help ensure we get important information to you when you need it.  They call it the "Community Notification System".  However, if they Can't Reach You, they Can't Alert You!  Registration is quick and easy, but you must OPT IN if you wish to be alerted.  To learn more, click the link below.


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