The advisory committee is a standing committee established pursuant to Montana Code Annotated 7-6-1604.  The impact fee advisory committee must include at least one representative of the development community. The committee shall review and monitor the process of calculating, assessing, and spending impact fees.  This board typically meets once every five years to review the current impact fee schedule and provide input on a new fee schedule which would be in effect for the next five years.

This board will meet in again to review the current impact fee schedule, in late 2017.  The City will be advertising board seats again, as well as asking if those who have been members wish to be considered for the next appointment, in late summer 2017.

To learn more about this board, please read Title 3, Chapter 6, Article 7 of the Three Forks Municipal Code, or by contacting the Zoning Official at 406-285-3431.




This board is to be reappointed - applications still welcome!