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Headwaters Fair Board Meeting

  • Fairgrounds - Cookshack Montana 2 Three Forks, MT, 59752 United States (map)

Here are the draft minutes from March's meeting, up for review/approval at April's meeting:

Three Forks Rodeo Grounds Board

Minutes of Meeting March 6, 2017


A meeting was held this date in the conference room at IAC. Present were Chuck Wambeke, Casey Elmose, Gene Townsend, Mike Lane, Rick Moeykens, Matt Hussung and Secretary Christina Kamps. Guests  were Dick and Terrie Jo Lyman with Jacobs Livestock and Stephanie Labanowski with the Montana Stampede Riders Drill Team.

Dick & Terrie Jo were welcomed and commented that they just wanted to see if we were satisfied and if there was anything they could do different. Chuck commented that he thinks it’s going really well and it’s been helpful to meet in advance. There are some things we always think about during the event such as having a radio between crowsnest etc. Dick thought the new arrow pens worked really good. You can work calves with two less people. He also commented on the grounds saying “they’re as good of grounds as any small town anywhere in Montana.” He suggested we look at getting a new timed event chute and recommended a Priefert nosed front since cattle don’t start good out of the flat fronted chutes. Lyman’s asked for an increase on this year’s stock contract. He stated there has not been one since 2009. Asking for $1500 increase. Total $19,500.

There was discussion on running the mini bulls and Dick cautioned to be sure the insurance and paperwork was in line. He noted an event where he had an issue with the group running their finals during another event, allowing them to use the arena all without paying. Make sure that they have insurance. Due to space constraints in the pens, he suggested we could limit the number in the perf (which we do) Last year the mini bulls took up two pens. Dick also mentioned that they don’t have their own judges and the NRA judges don’t get paid extra for doing it. He feels that they are taking advantage of the situation, although he’s not opposed to what they are doing for the kids. Gene commented, “I’ve heard lots of good comments from spectators.”

Dick suggested a limit of 6 or 8 during the perf, Chuck thought 6 would be good since it would be loading bucking chutes to one time. Biggest thing is getting so crowded in them back pens. Limit number of head brought. 10 would fit in one pen.

The only other comment he had was that it's hard to feed big round bales in those pens. Would like to get squares if possible. Last year there were 5 rounds and 20 small squares.

Stephanie Labanowski spoke on behalf of the Montana Stampede Riders Drill Team. She said the group has been around 20 some odd year with 25% of their members living in Willow Creek. The group has performed at Gardiner, Townsend, Boulder etc. They are expanding this year –  doing parades, MSU Homecoming, Belgrade fall parade. She said some of the women came from Saddle-ites at some point – there is a lot of expertise. The try to distinguish themselves. Would like an opportunity to perform at one of the nights. Have a team willing to volunteer (say on the night not performing.) Three did volunteer last year. Stephanie is the treasurer and they do have their own insurance. Grand entry routine – keep flags for parade. Dick commented that he has a hard time breaking during the rodeo to have a performance, but starting - he appreciates it a lot. Outstanding to get started. When asked how many riders, Stephanie said there would be between 8 & 10 for a performance, more for the parade.

Chuck reported that we were thinking of continuing Friday night Family Night where kids get in free. Dick suggested reminding sponsors if we will do that again. We thought the boot race worked pretty well. Dick agreed it was easy and fast.

Rick had questions for Dick on the ground and about watering the night before. he wondered if that’s working out okay. Dick agreed that’s great. If we can start watering 2 days ahead to get moisture in the ground it makes it easier to have an event since we don’t have to water as much. Dick thought it was really good last year – Rick thinks best ever.

Christina asked a team roping again during the day on Saturday of the NRA rodeo. Dick is working on it and will let us know.

The guests were thanked for coming and were informed that we would get back to each. The financials were reviewed. Meeting minutes were not printed for the meeting, but were sent out prior.

New Business – HS Rodeo. We need to connect with a  liaison with the Chamber who coordinates activities outside the gate ilke ticket sales, admission, marketing and prize buckles. Chuck will be official liaison. Gene and Mike will do hamburger inventory and see if there is enough for HS Rodeo, if not Mike will talk to the KG Ranch. Gene reported on the status of the cookstove – probably can’t get parts for it anymore. He was leery of a gas grill, but Rob Norman says they’ve come a long way and would be able to fit one in there. Mike mentioned we have a 100# propane bottle that could be used again. Gene was concerned that with that size we may run out by the second night. For now, we can get by with the grill we have for the HS rodeo. Gene will continue to work with Rob to get a new one in place prior to the NRA rodeo.

The board discussed Ideas for offering something different than a hamburger at HS rodeo. Possibly Pizza by the slice with Stageline? Rick suggested using insulated cooler for hot chocolate. Gene liked the idea and will try that this year. Christina suggested pulled pork. Gene was hesitant to add too much that might require something else. Gene will contact Tara at Stageline.

Christina will contact Becky to arrange ambulance service. Need to have a work day. Looking at the 15th of April. Gene reported for Larry on the alley fence construction. Going to a place in Big Timber would be cheaper than Dillon on fence supplies. He also got a quote from Scott Sayers. His question was if we wanted him to build the panels and install or if we would have them made. We need 540’ to extend from the pump station to Oregon Street. Gene will get together with Larry for more information.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 3rd, 2017, 7 pm at the cookshack if weather permits. A work day is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th.

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City Council
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City Council